About Me

I am a white, upper-middle class male in his early 20’s. My parents split when I was small, both remarried leaving me with 4 parents. All of them are doctors in some form or function: biomedical science specialising in genetics, a philosopher come marketer, a chemist and a GP. I am a physicist in the back half of his degree at a decent university.

When I come home from uni, a literal thought I have is which Porche will GP step-dad be using this time. That’s my privilege bias.

I am not a feminist (bear with me). I am not a racist, nor a classist. I am not jingoistic. I am in the process of pushing a new label, equalitist. The premise is that people all get the same chance, you judge people on their actions not stupid shit like their melanin density or if they have a penis.

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